Activate Starz On Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime account is one which you will use for accessing video content and audio content on your desired device. On this account, you can opt for individual subscriptions in addition to regular purchases that you make on the Amazon website. And an unlimited entertainment package awaits you when you activate Starz on Amazon Prime.

Activate Starz on Amazon Prime

Activate Starz on Amazon Prime

Adding the Starz App to Your Account

If you already own an Amazon account and are a regular subscriber to premium apps, then the Starz app is no different. In case, you are a new user who needs help in adding a paid subscription app to your account, then check out the steps given below;

  • Open a PC or a smartphone
  • Connect it to the internet
  • Open a web browser
  • And then, open the Amazon Prime account
  • Now, look for the Starz app
  • When you find it, simply add it to your account
  • Else, begin a new search

If you have any queries in the above app addition steps, then contact our representatives on our live chat for quick solutions.

Activate Starz

In order to activate Starz on Amazon Prime, you need some credentials that validate your ownership towards a subscription. For instance, you must have a cable or satellite subscription for the channel or at least a stand-alone subscription towards it. If you have neither, then we recommend that you create an account with Starz before beginning this activation process.

Creating an Account with Starz

  • Visit the Starz website
  • Sign up for a new account
  • Give a valid mail ID
  • And also, a corresponding password
  • Choose from a suitable subscription plan
  • Make a payment towards the channel
  • And keep the account details safely for later use

On Amazon Prime

  • Open the Amazon Prime account
  • Launch the already installed Starz app
  • Login with your credentials
  • This can be your cable subscription info
  • Or, it can be a stand-alone subscription
  • If you are able to start streaming, then activation was successful
  • Otherwise, begin the activation all over again

Once you complete the Starz activation process, you can move on to start streaming your favorite shows and in case you are new to this channel, you can take help from the list that follows.

TV Shows

Some world famous TV shows and movies are available to stream on this happening entertainment channel. You must however have enough patience to stream all the content before you run out of your subscription.


You have five seasons to stream of this great show which revolves around James St. Patrick. The show has been on air since 2014 and has a great cast, an amazing plot and some serious power. Don’t miss out on this show when you activate Starz on Amazon Prime.

For more such similar shows and other channel setup assistance, you can visit our website or avail on-call assistance at our toll-free number +1-844-229-8520.

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