Activate Starz with DirecTV Now Subscription

Activate Starz with DirecTV Now and you will definitely enjoy the endless entertainment offered. The activation process is easy if you execute the set of Instructions available.  There are a lot of live channel subscription packages available and DirecTV Now arrives with Starz channel. Get the subscription and have a good time streaming.

Best Programs to Watch on Starz Once you Activate

Once you activate Starz with DirecTV Now subscription you can watch a lot of Interesting programs listed below. Check out the reviews or watch the trailer to know more about the story and theme of each series.

Activate Starz with DirecTV Now

Activate Starz with DirecTV Now

 The Best Part is that the New Starz Service with DirecTV Now Include

  • Starz Kids and Family – Starz Programs that are specially telecasted for your kids and family.
  • Features most Interesting Movies – Star Wars – “The Force Awakens”, “Inside out” and “Avengers”.
  • Starz original series- “American Kids”, “Warriors of Liberty city “and drama series such as “Outlander”, “American gods” and a lot more
  • Drama series
  • Feature Film Programs
  • TV Shows-“Ash vs Evil dead”, “Gods of the Arena”, “Black sails” and a lot more
  • Starz SOD content
  • Encore SVOD content
  • Starz Encore

How to Get the DirecTV Now Subscription?

  • Prepare your streaming device and activate it first using the set of DirecTV Now activation Instructions.
  • Ping the service provider to get the DirecTV Now subscription and all you need to do is to pay the respective subscription charges. Get the DirecTV Now subscription using the AT and T Service.
  • Login with the credentials and carry on with the onscreen instructions
  • There are a lot of other service Providers too and you can choose it based on your requirements

To Add or Remove the Channel Subscription Package

Power on the device and navigate to the channel account. Navigate to the section “Manage my Plans” where you can add or remove any channel which you have added as a part of channel subscription package.

Check for the information available on our webpage to upgrade the subscription.

What If You Come Across Errors Streaming?

  • Check and make sure that the DirecTV subscription is active. Contact the service provider to activate the subscription. It is important to ensure that you pay the respective subscription charges.
  • Restart the device and most of the errors associated with the device will resolve
  • Ensure that you have a good speed network connection for streaming. Use range extenders for your router to improve the wireless signal strength
  • Users who prefer adding the channel using the Roku account can check the account credentials (username and password)
  • If the above steps don’t work cancel the subscription and get a new one

Users who do not prefer the subscription service can add the channel visiting the channel store. All you need to do is to create a Roku account and login with the credentials.

Get more assistance to activate Starz with DirecTV Now subscription by referring to the guidelines available.  Dial the toll-free number +1-844-229-8520 and contact our network team to activate the channel.

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