Starz series ‘Sweetbitter’ First Trailer

Based on a best-selling novel by Stephanie Danler bearing the same name, Starz series ‘Sweetbitter’ first trailer releases on the channel to explore the life of Tess. Played by Ella Purnell (from the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), the series revolves around a 22-year-old who after arriving in New York lands her first job in a restaurant. She is quickly introduced to a world of drugs, love, fine dining, bars, etc. Purnell is cast along with Caitlin Fitzgerald, Evan Jonigkeit, Tom Sturridge, Paul Sparks and Eden Epstein.

Starz series Sweetbitter First Trailer

The story

Tess has just arrived in New York City and is looking forward to a new life. Invited to train with one of the restaurants in the city where she feels safe and thinks that she now has a steady income. But trust becomes scarce as she finds that there is actually a chaotic world around her. Against the backdrop of exclusive restaurants, Tess discovers a punishing life. It also evokes her emotions as a young, fragile adult who comes of age.

The trailer

Set in the year 2006, Tess arrives in New York only to be greeted by a stone-faced attendant who charges $7 to pass the toll. She checks into her apartment and goes out hunting for a job, with a one-page resume in hand. She lands a job in a swanky restaurant and overwhelmed by the activity at this workplace. As she struggles to keep pace, take the pressure and serve fast, she sees spates of orders coming in from all around her. Also, continuously reprimanded for her lack of torpor, she is on the verge of losing control of her emotions.

The emotions

As a new employee and a new person, she bumbles along the way and struggles to make directionless progress. Reminded that she is a trainee and not a real worker, Tess is in for a battle of morals. She is taught what ‘wine’ is and in the process, is roughcast to rethink career goals.  Even as she sits alone in her New York apartment she reminisces her presence and how she would have to get along the next day. Woven into a web of love by Jake, she sees extravagance in bars and eventually breaks down. Arriving May 6, fans of the novel are in for a treat on Starz. Executive produced by Plan B, the series is written by Stu Zicherman, who also serves as the showrunner.

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