STARZ is one of the popular and on-demanding streaming services. It provides the users with top rated live TV shows, most viewed STAR original series on-demand movies and more. The user needs to pay a subscription fee to become a STARZ subscriber. Start adding STARZ to your Roku streaming device, buy a subscription, activate STARZ XFINITY Roku app and start watching your favorite’s shows and series.


Why do I need a STARZ XFINITY stream app

The STARZ XFINITY stream can customize any of the user’s devices into a splendid TV screen. They can start viewing all the live TV shows and XFINITY on-Demand movies and original series through the app anywhere, anytime and through any device. Users can record their preferred programs like on-demand shows or cloud DVR on any device using the XFINITY Stream App and watch them offline later. The user needs to Activate STARZ XFINITY Roku to start enjoying the STARZ streams in their Roku device.

Getting STARZ on Roku streaming device

  • If the user is a STARZ subscriber, then they can download the STARZ XFINITY app without any additional subscription.
  • The STARZ provides its users with a free trial version for 7 days.
  • This allows the user to get to know more of the STARZ and its streams.
  • Once the trial period ends the user can pay $8.99 for a monthly subscription to continue enjoying their STARZ screening.
  • No other service like Activate STARZ XFINITY Roku requires any additional subscriptions.
  • With a single subscription, the user can simultaneously stream STARZ streams on up to two devices.
  • In case the streaming exceeds, the user might receive an error message stating that “you have already used the maximum number of streams”.
  • The STARZ online services are applicable only to the U.S. and certain U.S. territories residents only.
  • To procure uninterrupted STARZ online service the user needs to have a high-speed broadband connection.
  • The user needs to cancel the trial offer before expiration otherwise it automatically converts the user into a STARZ Subscriber and requests the user to renew their monthly subscriptions.

What you get on STARZ  XFINITY Stream App

  • Users can watch and downloads any preferred original series and movies streams.
  • Can watch the downloaded streams on offline on your ideal schedule.
  • This app allows the user to take complete control over their screening experience.
  • Every week the channel adds the new movies and original series to stream.
  • This would provide the users with greater options and choices.
  • The users can browse through the exclusive categories of streams available to them and choose their preferred ones.
  • The different categories available to the users are drama, suspense, thriller, chiller, comedy, western, horror, fantasy, gangster, family, sci-fi, historical, musical, urban, action, adventures, documentaries, Mystery, magical, romance, horror and many more.

Channels included in STARZ

  • STARZ is one of the best streaming options. It provides its users with lots of movie options and enchanting original series.
  • The user can either add this premium network to their DIRECTV package.
  • Else they can also choose the PREMIER package of any premium networks like STARZ, SHOWTIME, HBO or the Cinemax
  • Currently, users can acquire 14 channels in STARZ package.
  • As an ultimate fan of STARZ, the STARZ XFINITY app allows the users to download any preferred streams they wish and let them watch offline.
  • They provide their users with premium entertainment with the peerless price.
  • Users will be able to stream all STARZ originals along with the exclusive collection of films.

How to get ready to activate STARZ XFINITY?

  • If the user is STARZ subscriber download the app directly.
  • The user needs to activate STARZ XFINITY Roku utilizing the channel activation procedures.
  • The user will receive an activation code during the activation procedures.
  • Then the user can enter the activation code in the STARZ website.
  • The user can choose the network providers from the list.
  • And complete the further activation.
  • Users can create and customize their STARZ profile.
  • They can use the profile to stream through any Android devices or at the STARZ site.

Activating STARZ XFINITY app on Roku device:

  • The user can navigate to the home screen of the Roku device using the remote controller.
  • And then visit the Roku Channel Store from the Home screen.
  • From the Streaming Channels list locate the STARZ XFINITY app.
  • Then select the STARZ XFINITY app.
  • Now select the Add channel
  • Since STARZ is a paid channel pay your subscription.
  • Users can continue with the onscreen instructions and complete the activation.

Adding STARZ app through :

  • The user can also activate STARZ XFINITY by accessing Com/Link.
  • Access the link using any PC or laptop.
  • Enter the valid account credentials.
  • The user can now access Roku channel store and add the app.
  • Now they can also enter the channel activation code into the
  • The User can complete the payment process for further streaming.
  • By Now the STARZ icon is visible on the Roku home screen.
  • The User can Activate STARZ account to watch further.

Furthermore, you can contact Roku customer support executives to help you to activate STARZ XFINITY Roku and on resolving any issues faced during activation. You can contact the support service team member through the toll-free number  +1-844-229-8520 or by visiting our site

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