John Wick 2 on Starz

A TV Series based on the life and world of John Wick films is all set to appear just like John Wick 2 on Starz.


As featured in the Keanu Reeves blockbusters, the Continental will be about the hotel for assassins. In the movie, Wick’s dog, a gift to him from his late wife, is killed by the son of a gangster. John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves), is already retired as an assassin. But after this incident, he is now after the one who did it. The Continental sees a gathering of assassins and killing inside its premises is banned. So, John checks into the hotel. But there is a bounty on his head already and every other assassin has accepted it as well. Santiago played by Riccardo Scamarcio observes that Wick is back and pits an old chit against him. Setting up the events for the sequel named John Wick 3: Parabellum, Wick breaks the cardinal rule of The Continental, in the end.

John Wick 2 on Starz

John Wick 2 on Starz

The Continental

Since they haven’t even filmed an episode yet, details on The Continental are light right now. It will a little different just like the reports received in the first half of 2018.

The filming of the series is scheduled only next year. The president of programming for Starz, Carmi Zlotnick, stated that he had already glimpsed at the script written for the pilot episode. Which also means, he has had a glance at the rules of the show that will act as a guiding light for the series. He also further stated that the production could begin sometime in 2019.

The Guest at The Continental

There are some really colorful assassins in the John Wick films who are checking in and out of The Continental. Someone we’ve never met before in the films will be the star of The Continental, a role that has not yet been cast. Zlotnickwould like to believe that by introducing a new assassin to The Continental, even though John Wick 3 has not come out yet, for the first time should be intriguing to the fans.

The First Episode

It is said that the first episode’s director will be Chad Stahelski. A January press release stated that he will be directing the pilot show. They have got plans to match the budget of the John Wick films on The Continental. Zlotnick was also hoping that they would live up to the mark set by the movies and the people’s expectation from what they have already seen. After the John Wick movie franchise, fans would certainly expect well-crafted and intelligent fight sequences. This should also feature shootouts between professional killers and their marks.

Keanu Reeves Appearance

Both Keanu Reeves and Ian McShane are expected to make an appearance. As part of the ongoing conversations, they are planning for Reeves’ to appear at least once in the series. As owner Winston, Ian McShane is also slated to reprise his role. At the same time, it is unknown if Hotel Manager Charon would appear.

Parallel to Wick 3

Until John Wick 3 hits the theaters, The Continental will not premiere. But it might appear parallel to the movie’s release.

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